Riga Technical school of Tourism and creative industry representative, Project assistant & tourism teacher was invited to participate in the Foresight session ‘International Road Map of VET study in Chernivtsi Tourism 2020’, which took place on February 5-9, 2018 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Presentation by RTRIT which included description of the e-MOTIVE project was given on the first day of the event.


The RTRIT representative’s main task was to make a report on the topic “Erasmus+ projects in VET study” and share Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry (Latvia) knowledge in the target question.

150 Participants from five different Chernivtsi region VET schools & Regional Education Department participated in the foresight session ‘International Road Map of VET study in Chernivtsi Tourism 2020’, at which the subject presentation was given.

The participation of RTRIT in the event was reported on the RTRIT website:


The event was reported among others on the following websites:


RTRIT representative paticipating in the event; source: http://oblosvita.com/navigaciya/novyny/25024-rozpochala-svoyu-robotu-mzhnarodna-forsaytna-sesya.html


Presentation made by RTRIT representative


Presentation made by RTRIT representative; source: http://oblosvita.com/navigaciya/novyny/25024-rozpochala-svoyu-robotu-mzhnarodna-forsaytna-sesya.html


The first session of the event; source: http://chvku.at.ua/news/2018-02-12


Agenda of the event


Sample slides from presentation made by RTRIT representative