On 17th October a Kick-off Meeting of European project e-MOTIVE - Methods and tools for efficient use of existing resources and for support of development of effective training content by VET Teachers was held in the KOMAG Institute – the coordinator of the project (http://www.e-motiveproject.eu/).


The main goal of the project is to develop and implement training materials that develop skills in use of existing ICT resources and the ability to self-create training resources to support vocational education and training teachers. Knowledge pills, use-cases and software resources will be provided via e-MOTIVE platform and mobile application to support VET Teachers in everyday practice. With e-MOTIVE solutions VET teachers will learn how to integrate ICT in their teaching, including different models of teaching like classroom teaching, blended learning, e-learning. They will also acquire competences for self-development as educators by ICT-based participating in courses and using materials regarding domain they teach, which will enable to keep provided teaching update. Therefore expected benefits for users of e-MOTIVE solutions are long-term, since acquired ICT confidence and skills facilitate continuous professional development, which will contribute to quality and market relevance of VET. 
The developed training solutions will be available in 4 languages: English, Polish, Finnish and Latvian.
The e-MOTIVE project consortium consist of 3 partners from three countries:

• Institute of Mininig Technology KOMAG – the project coordinator, Poland,
• TTS Work Efficiency Institute, Finland,
• RTRIT Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry , Latvia.