TTS sent to the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) e-mail with document in which all the Erasmus+ projects where TTS is involved have been briefly described. The e-MOTIVE project is one of them. The following items about the project were covered: Project name, coordinator, partners, implementation period and project idea– reasons, objectives and expected results. The material is in Finnish.


18 December 2017 - E-MOTIVE project results were presented by TTS during meeting of Steering Group on Training Development Projects. The meeting was held in TTS’ premises.


At the RTRIT* (Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry) boarding meeting held on 23rd October 2017, detailed information regarding the e-MOTIVE project were presented to the participants. The information provided included: the nature of the project objectives, project work calendar, which includes all activities closely related to the objectives of the project, tasks and other steps that contribute to the achievement of the e-MOTIVE goals.