On the 4th of March a multiplier event to promote the e-MOTIVE project results was carried out by RTRIT.

27 - 28 February 2019 – e-MOTIVE results were promoted during the IMPACT+ EXERCISE meeting organized by Tempus Public Foundation from Hungary. The venue of the event was Novotel Budapest Centrum, Budapest, Hungary.


On the 15th of May the 2nd e-MOTIVE project meeting was held – in TTS’s site (Vantaa, Finland). TTS was the host of the meeting.


13-14 January 2019 - E-MOTIVE products were promoted by KOMAG during the 3rd Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE which was held in International Congress Centre in Katowice, Poland.


KOMAG participated in learning activity carried out within other project coordinated by them – 3DPEC and used this as opportunity to promote e-MOTIVE results - 13 April 2018